Workplace Mental Health Screening

Granada offers a psychological screening service to support employees who have been unable to reach a diagnosis for a physical condition, such as musculoskeletal issues, that may be linked to stress, anxiety or depression.

Over half of the individuals accessing general outpatient services have medically unexplained symptoms (MUS), which leads to a 30% increase in hospital admission and inpatient care. MUS account for approximately 10% of total NHS expenditure on services for the working age population, directly impacting employers through absenteeism, employee productivity and morale.

In the event that an individual's physical condition cannot be diagnosed, introducing a screening service to assess emotional and psychological issues would enable unnecessary costs to be saved. Individuals could receive immediate access to specialist mental health treatment before their condition escalates.

  • MUS account for up to 20% of GP consultations
  • They are associated with up to 50% additional outpatient costs and a 30% increase in hospital admissions
  • The annual healthcare costs for MUS exceeds 3.1 billion
  • Up to 30% of those assessed have an associated psychiatric disorder

Granada screening is available across our clinical service network, and can be integrated into your HR policies. We can also work with your PMI to build psychological screening into their pre-authorisation process. This may result in a significantly beneficial impact on your claims fund.